The Advice Process

A thorough understanding of a client’s circumstances and objectives is fundamental to the advice process

The Advice Process The Advice Process

We start with a comprehensive appraisal of a client’s current circumstances, financial needs and aspirations. As well as discussing objectives a thorough investigation of a client’s current financial position will identify any unfulfilled needs.Once these have been established and prioritised an individual’s attitude to risk is assessed before we prepare a detailed plan to achieve agreed financial goals.

Once the initial recommendations are completed we place a very strong emphasis on regular review meetings to ensure clients remain on track to achieve their objectives and to review the performance of the arrangements that have been put in place.

Our advice is fee based, agreed with our clients up front and determined by the complexity and extent of the work undertaken. Being fee based allows us to be completely independent and to provide a high standard of service based around the passion and commitment of our team.

It is important to establish clients appetite for investment risk for their investment or pension planning. Achieving the right balance between risk and reward is vital to ensure sufficient potential for returns with few surprises along the way. We complete a risk profile questionnaire with a client that forms the basis of our risk discussion to establish the right attitude to risk for any investment or pension. This then allows us to build a balanced investment portfolio with the right asset allocation to meet a clients objectives within their risk appetite.

Our service is based around building a long term relationship with our clients and we often work with a client’s solicitors and accountants to ensure all of their personal or business financial planning is “joined up” and tax efficient.

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